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        Tangerine Technology is a one-stop Managed Services & Technology Solutions Provider, operating throughout the entire Yukon and western nada.

        About Us

        Tangerine Technology has over 35 years of professional experience with technology in the North & across western nada. We are ready to support you, whatever your needs are! We believe that technology should work for you, by increasing your productivity and efficiency.

        Our expertise in cyber-security, regulatory compliance, and scheduled auditing, has taken our highly trained, expertly skilled professionals across many different industries. Tangerine Technology offers fully certified services in the realm of cyber-security that are unparalleled and unmatched.

        As a competitive provider, we are pleased to offer a 100% FREE, no obligation on-site computer network assessment, which will be completed by one of our lead technicians. They will document your entire computer network, do a quick "health check", and provide you with a comprehensive report. We take this opportunity to meet with our prospective clients, and get to know them and their equipment better.


        Tangerine Technology is proud to offer environmentally responsible solutions. We have helped save nadians over $ * in electricity expenses since January 1, 2013.

        Tangerine is proud to support our lol operating areas through community-led organizations and initiatives!

        Mid-Island: Nanaimo Community Hospice Society, Nanaimo Hospital Foundation, Nanaimo Child Development Centre, Nanaimo Women's Resource Centre, Nanaimo Foundation, Nanaimo Indigenous Youth Sports

        Yukon Territory: Learning Disabilities Association of Yukon, Yukon Hospital Foundation, Child Development Centre, Teegatha'Oh Zheh, Whitehorse Minor Soccer, Sport Yukon

        Happy Clients and Counting

        Successful Projects

        Support Tickets Resolved

        Years of Experience

        Commercial, Non-profit & Government Services

        Computer & Network

        ?   Computer service, sales & support
        ?   Managed Services
        ?   Hardware leasing solutions
        ?   Computer server sales and administration
        ?   Virtualization and cloud computing
        ?   Data and voice in-building wiring
        ?   Diverse data backup solutions
        ?   Disaster recovery specialists
        ?   Wireless internet and networking
        ?   Public wireless internet solutions
        ?   File and printer sharing
        ?   Office telecommunitions systems
        ?   Environmentally friendly solutions
        ?   IT assessments & FREE initial consultation

        Security & Protection

        ?   Hardware firewalls
        ?   Secure remote network access
        ?   Anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-ransomware
        ?   E-mail anti-spam
        ?   Intrusion Dectection systems
        ?   Intrusion Prevention systems
        ?   Artificial Intelligence protection
        ?   Managed Security Services
        ?   Threat detection, response, mitigation
        ?   Encryption solutions
        ?   Threat modeling & behaviour analytics
        ?   Incident response
        ?   Communitions & public relations
        ?   24/7 security monitoring


        ?   Next generation office phone systems
        ?   Multiple internal extensions
        ?   Slable systems that grow with your needs
        ?   Desktop and cordless handsets
        ?   Voicemail to e-mail features
        ?   Remote extensions for remote staff
        ?   Work-from-Home solutions
        ?   Voice over IP solutions
        ?   Voicemail systems
        ?   Potential to reduce monthly phone bills
        ?   High quality audio
        ?   Telecommunitions assessments & FREE initial consultation

        Development & Design

        ?   Web site design
        ?   Web site maintenance
        ?   Domain, website & e-mail hosting
        ?   Content Management Systems
        ?   Web applition development
        ?   Database development
        ?   Mobile app development
        ?   Custom CRM systems
        ?   Mobile friendly development
        ?   Mobile systems integration
        ?   SSL & web security
        ?   Development assessments & FREE initial consultation

        Video Surveillance

        ?   Video surveillance (mera) systems
        ?   Next generation IP-based video
        ?   Secure, lol storage of recorded footage
        ?   Secure, cloud storage options
        ?   Extra long recording intervals
        ?   Infrared night time recording
        ?   Motion triggered recording
        ?   Audio recording
        ?   Remote access viewing pabilities
        ?   Smartphone app viewing pabilities
        ?   High definition video
        ?   4K video options
        ?   Managed video surveillance systems
        ?   Video survelliance assessments & FREE initial consultation

        Regulatory Compliance

        ?   Vulnerability testing
        ?   Network penetration testing
        ?   Network phishing testing
        ?   Yukon medil compliance assessments
        ?   British Columbia medil compliance assessments
        ?   Alberta medil compliance assessments
        ?   nadian federal compliance assessments
        ?   Privacy compliance audits
        ?   Regulatory compliance training
        ?   Regulatory assessments & FREE initial consultation

        Residential Services

        Computer & Network

        Starting from $8.99 per month!

        ?   Fully inclusive, managed support plan for computers, tablets & mobile devices
        ?   Fully managed anti-virus license
        ?   Monthly system maintenance
        ?   Remote delete of lost or stolen mobile device
        ?   Fully managed security
        ?   Advanced health monitoring
        ?   1 FREE tune-up per year
        ?   50% off regular labour rates
        ?   On-site services available
        ?   Access to trained, certified technicians
        ?   Lol support, never outsourced over-seas
        ?   FREE initial consultation

        Home Surveillance

        Starting from $199.99!

        ?   Video surveillance meras
        ?   Next generation IP-based video
        ?   Secure, lol storage of recorded footage
        ?   Secure, cloud storage options
        ?   Selectable recording intervals
        ?   Infrared night time recording
        ?   Motion triggered recording
        ?   50% off regular labour rates
        ?   Audio recording
        ?   Smartphone app viewing pabilities
        ?   High definition recordings
        ?   Wiring-free options
        ?   Installation services available
        ?   FREE initial consultation

        Geek Help

        Contact us for customized pricing!

        ?   Wireless internet assessment & design
        ?   Hardware setup
        ?   Social media security
        ?   Wireless device troubleshooting
        ?   Digital photo album backups
        ?   Cloud services setup
        ?   Smartphone training & lessons
        ?   Tablet training & lessons
        ?   Smart home training & lessons
        ?   In-home services available


        Tangerine Technology has been our IT support company for several years. They have overhauled our network, installed new servers, workstations, and our new phone system. Their staff are friendly, attentive, and respond to llouts in a quick manner. We also very much appreciate their 24/7 availability.

        We would highly recommend Tangerine Technology for any work involving IT and communitions.

        Tangerine has been our IT service company for approximately 3 years. They have designed our website, handled our organization's e-mail, mainted our computers and servers, and have always made sure that we had proper backups of our information.

        We are very satisfied with Tangerine Technology and would not hesitate to recommend them.

        Tangerine Technology is our IT supplier and provides IT support for our business. We have recently worked with Tangerine Technology to supply and set up a new server and several new system elements (computers, back ups, web and email, etc) and they delivered the service on time, on budget and are always available for questions when we need them.

        I would recommend Tangerine Technology for their good product, and mostly, the excellent IT service and support they provide.

        In January 2014 we decided we needed a change in IT companies and contacted Tangerine Technology. They were very professional in assessing the state of our systems and offering several options for us in clear, understandable language. They implemented several layers of security and a backup system that allows us to feel that our systems are secure.

        I would not hesitate to recommend Tangerine Technology for your IT and/or phone system needs.

        Contact Us


        Nanaimo, BC   ?   194 Cliff Street
        Whitehorse, YT   ?   170 Titanium Way
        Burnaby, BC   ?   4501 Kingsway

        ll Us

        Nanaimo, BC   ?   (778) 744-TECH
        Whitehorse, YT   ?   (867) 322-TECH
        Burnaby, BC   ?   (778) 760-TECH

        Email Us


        Open Hours

        24 / 7 / 365